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Impact Thrift Innovates the Retail Shopping Experience

December 18, 2015

Impact Thrift is calling it their inaugural Thrift Crawl event, but we are calling it one of the most unique and innovative retail experiences, engaging customers in a way they are not likely to forget. Not only is the Thrift Crawl concept a new innovation for Impact Thrift, it is also the first time this type of event has been introduced to the Greater Philadelphia/Montgomery and Bucks County region. This fresh concept has introduced savvy shoppers to a whole new way to shop, save, and raise funds for local charities.

First, let’s explain what a Thrift Crawl is.  Impact Thrift rents a motor coach to take shoppers on a chauffeured, social shopping excursion to multiple locations of its beloved stores in one afternoon. But more important than the shopping aspect is that fact that the Thrift Crawl is also a very meaningful and philanthropic experience; which supports local charities through ticket sales.

The Thrift Crawl event took place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tickets for the bus were sold for a mere $10; which included a free lunch, and a complimentary tote bag filled with an Impact Thrift gift card and coupons, plus free giveaways and goodies. If you think that’s impressive, wait, there’s more. All of the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to a local Bucks County charity, the Healing Consciousness Foundation (HCF). HCF is a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for thousands of people affected by breast cancer in the greater Philadelphia area through education, lifestyle modification, and holistic healing.

Joining Impact Thrift on the road was HCF’s Executive Director, Ann Griffiths. “I had a wonderful time on the Thrift Crawl,” commented Ann. “The Healing Consciousness Foundation is grateful to Impact for the opportunity to spread awareness about our programs and services to its customers. We thank Impact for making the HCF the beneficiary of the first Impact Thrift Crawl.”

Close to 50 die-hard thrift shoppers and curious-to-thrift shoppers had the pleasure of traveling from store to store, genuinely and enthusiastically engaging one another. The bus was all a-buzz with the joy of thrifting, the thrill of the treasure hunt and finding great deals, and the even greater feeling that came from supporting the Healing Consciousness Foundation’s wonderful mission.

Shoppers had an hour in each store to satisfy their thrift cravings.  As the group excitedly fanned out into the stores, their carts could be heard quickly whizzing down the aisles as the happy shoppers uncovered one thrifted treasure after another. According to Tamika Miller, Impact Thrift’s Director of Community Outreach, “The Thrift Crawl event serves as yet another extension of Impact Thrifts mission to positively impact local communities through our store operations. Not only did the Thrift Crawl group share a memorable shopping experience, the group also learned that thrift shopping is a fun way to save money and support amazing local charities that are doing great work to improve lives in our very own communities.” participants in our first Thrift Crawl visited three Impact Thrift Stores in one day, riding on a luxury bus and enjoying free lunch while supporting HCF and learning about breast cancer.