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Because it is the environmentally responsible thing to do!

Impact Thrift’s primary mission is to raise significant funds for our supported charities. We fulfill this mission by operating thrift stores stocked with your gently-used donated items. Just the fact that virtually everything we sell ends up being placed back into service by our shoppers, places us squarely in the recycling business. All donations that we receive are thoroughly inspected and only the best of what we receive make it onto our sales floor. That leaves us with a large amount of items that need to be trashed or recycled. We recycle everything we can. Be assured that we do our research to be certain that every recycler we deal with handles all items for recycling in an environmentally responsible manner.

Did you know

  • Many products we use every day are created out of recycled items.
  • You can make 20 cans out of recycled material with the same amount of energy it takes to make one new one.
  • Recycling one aluminum beverage can saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 20 hours, a computer for 3 hours or a television for 2 hours
  • Recycling 125 aluminum cans saves enough energy to power one home for one day.
  • Battery acid is recycled by converting it to sodium sulfate for laundry detergent, glass & textile manufacturing.
  • Recycling all of your home’s waste newsprint, cardboard, glass and metal can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 850 lbs. a year.
  • One pound of recycled steel saves 5.450 BTU’s of energy or 26 hours of a 60-watt bulb.
  • The amount of steel recovered through recycled packaging in 2001 (nearly 1.5 million tons) would yield enough steel to build 185,000 steel framed homes



For more information
Contact Ron Smith
267.387.0022, x6101


Almost anything that you cannot recycle curbside

Please continue to recycle your newspapers, cardboard & plastics from your home and let Impact Thrift recycle most of the rest! We accept a wide variety of items for recycling such as; clothing, shoes, purses, bed & table linens, electronics and metals. We also accept a variety of batteries including Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries. Click here for a complete list of items we accept for recycling.

  • Normal Alkaline AA, AAA, C, D and 9volt batteries can be disposed from home or office with your normal trash.
  • Televisions: Impact Thrift Stores will only accept televisions that are 27" or smaller and in working condition for resale in our stores. Flat screen TVs of any age will still be accepted as long as they are in working condition. With Pennsylvania's electronic recycling laws enacted as of January 23rd, 2013, we are not able to dispose of unsaleable CRT or tube-type TV units and will not accept them.
  • Computer Monitors: Impact Thrift Stores will no longer accept CRT computer monitors for donations (CRT are the non-flat panel monitors.) With Pennsylvania's electronic recycling laws enacted as of January 23rd, 2013, we are not able to dispose of unsaleable CRT computer monitors. We will continue to accept flat panel computer monitors for sale and recycling.

Customers: You do have the following options to remove TVs from your homes:

  • Call your township or county and inquire about the next available recycling event
  • Some electronics retailers, accept televisions or monitors for recycling.


We make it very easy

Simply drop off your recyclable items when you donate your gently-used items at any of our four locations Monday through Saturday, 8:30am to 7pm. Click here for store locations

Want to be more involved?

  • Offer to collect old electronics from your friends and neighbors and drop them off at one of our stores.
  • Hold a clothing drive at your school, church, synagogue, office or neighborhood. Impact Thrift can arrange to have a truck on site during the event or you can schedule a pick-up of the collected items. Reminder: gently–used clothing will be sold in our stores, the remainder we recycle.
  • Sign up for our newsletter and become a fan on Facebook to be the first to know when we are scheduling a Recycling Drive Event.