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Too Eco-Cool for School

Impact Thrift wants to join forces with the next generation of Student Leaders and ECO-Super Heroes to spread awareness that donating has the power to protect the environment... strengthen ties to the community... and positively impact the lives of families and children in need.

Let the Impact LIVE Program show you how...

Impact LIVE is an in-school leadership program teaching youth of all ages how to organize a collection drive event, as if it were their very own business. Students experience a real world approach to creating business plans, launching a marketing campaign, and planning all the logistical aspects of their collection drive event.

  • By organizing a collection drive, teachers and students are actively engaged in a hands-on learning experience. Students use their minds independently, creatively, and responsibly to inspire others to donate used goods…and put them to good use!

  • Impact LIVE not only adds value to their curriculum and educational experience; it is also designed as a way for Impact Thrift to obtain quality donations to further its own service to the community. Teachers can better serve students of every academic level by transforming learning from the “textbook terrain” into an experience that makes learning more purposeful and “real” to them.

  • Impact LIVE introduces ideas and methods that help teachers to: fulfill academic standards and goals, make interdisciplinary connections, inspire higher order/design thinking skills, discover personal talents within students, enhance student’s social skills, and provide students with the tools and occasion for active, hands-on, team-learning interactions.

  • The program includes a fun filled trip to Impact Thrift Stores and recycling facility, where students participate in creative repurposing projects, and learn how donations are diverted from landfills and recycled into cash for local charities.

  • Youth of all Ages Can Get Involved

    Is there an Environmental Club at your school? Engage students in environmental stewardship and aim to better serve the community through an Impact LIVE service project. Students will learn first-hand how donations are diverted from landfills and recycled in various ways to benefit the environment.

    Trying to earn a Girl or Boy Scout Badge? Scouts can earn their citizenship badges by choosing Impact Thrift as a chritiable organization to bring people together to work for the good of the community. While working on this merit badge, you can volunteer their time organizing a collection drive.

    Are you involved in a Youth Ministry? Foster your youth group spiritually and socially through fellowship and service of others. Hosting a collection drive at your church is a great way for youth and church members to participate in a fun and rewarding task.

    Looking for a Fun Earth Day Festivity? In celebration of Earth Day, host a collection drive to collect truckloads of electronics or recyclable materials such as clothing, shoes, cell phones, books and more.

    Are you a Future Business Leader of America or Key Club Member? The Impact LIVE program can teach students who are preparing for a career in business or civic engagement all about our non-profit retail business, which supports local charitable organizations. They will learn many fundamental job skills needed to strengthen their resume and achieve successful future employment.

    Fulfilling a Senior Project? The Impact LIVE program is an opportunity for high school students to explore a topic of personal interest; which relates to an aspect of operating a small business. Students will have a real life experience that will allow them to gain a number of important life-skills to include leadership, project and time management, public speaking and presentation skills.

    Together, through the Impact LIVE program, we can initiate change and be good stewards of our planet, our home, and our communities... one donation at a time.

    But don’t solely take our word for it. Read Testimonials from teachers and principals who have adopted the Impact LIVE program. Download the ImpactLIVE Brochure.

    For more information:
    Contact Tamika Greenlee at 267.387.0030 x5111 or e-mail Tamika at

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    For more information, contact:

    Contact Tamika Greenlee at 267.387.0030 x5111

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