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Whom does Impact Thrift financially support?
Impact Thrift supports multiple non-profit organizations in a variety of ways. Read More
How does an organization become one of the supported charities?
Impact has no formal application process. Charitable organizations can submit a letter requesting financial support along with appropriate literature. Impact Thrift Stores Board of Directors will determine when a charity can be added to our list and will then review applications that have been submitted.


What is the CPSIA?
CPSIA stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This Act (as of February 10, 2009) prohibits the manufacture, sales, or distribution of any product meant for the use of a child (12 years and younger) that has not been tested for lead and other harmful chemicals. These items include toys, clothing, bikes, stollers, cribs, and car seats.
How does the CPSIA affect what Impact accepts and sells?
Impact Thrift will no longer accept nor sell toys meant for the use of children 12 years and younger.
How can I find more information on CPSIA?
You can visit the government web site at
Who owns Impact Thrift Stores?
No one owns Impact Thrift. Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and, therefore, has no ownership. Impact's operations are overseen by its Board of Directors.
To which organization are you affiliated?
Impact Thrift is a “stand alone” charity. We are not affiliated or controlled by any other organization. We are completely self-sufficient.
What are your store policies?
Our store policies in regards to donations, delivery and returns are posted in each of our stores.

Click here for details of our policies.

Merchandise Donations

Do you offer estate or large item pick-up services?
Yes. We offer free pick up for items that are too large or too heavy to fit into your car. To schedule a pick up, please call 215.957.6131. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Do you offer a tax receipt for my donations?
Yes, you will be offered a tax receipt for your merchandise or cash donation. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
How do I value my donations?
According to the IRS, we are not allowed to value what you have donated. However, we do have a Valuation Guideline form that may be of assistance to you.
How should I prepare my donations?
We ask that you place clothing, bed linens, and table linens in large plastic bags. Please place your other donations in boxes that have lids or are able to be closed. This enables your donated items to stay clean, dry, and secure on our trucks and in our warehouses. Please wrap/secure all cords to lamps and small appliances. All items that are too large to fit in a box will be properly secured in our trucks by our truck crews.
Do you accept cash donations?
Impact can always put cash donations to good use. To donate money to Impact Thrift Stores, please click here. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Where are you located and what are your hours?
Click here for our store information.
How do you determine your prices?
Our items are priced according to quality, size, and condition.
Do you barter?
No. The prices of our items are fixed and non-negotiable. If an item does not sell, its price is periodically reduced until it does.